Billie-Sue Cunha

April 5th, 1982—April 24, 1991

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Billie-Sue Cunha was born April 5, 1982 in Burlingame to Billy and Sue Cunha. Billie-Sue's father Billy was the starting left fielder and leadoff hitter for the Stanford Cardinal baseball team. Like most parents, Billy wanted to pass along his love for the game to his children, including little Billie-Sue. Billy became the coach and team manager for each of his children even taking one of his teams all the way to Little League World Series!


The most successful of his children seemed to be Billie-Sue, who played up a level in Burlingame Bobby Sox for most of her short softball career. By age 9 she was a fierce softball competitor who was also doing very well in school and had a lot of friends. Just a few days after her 9th birthday, Billie Sue passed away very unexpectedly.


The first Billie-Sue tournament was held in 1992, the year after her passing. According to the tournament director at the time, Billie-Sue “exhibited the finest conduct in friendship, leadership and sportsmanship”. The first Billie-Sue tournament included play for girls 10 years and younger only. It was meant to be a family-friendly affair, with fences, stands and a loud speaker system brought in specifically for the event at Ray Park.


Teams participating in the first Billie-Sue Tournament included the Burlingame All-Stars, West Valley Slammers, San Jose Quicksilver, San Bruno All- Stars, Pacifica Coastside Critters, and the Burlingame Bandits.

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